Deborah Marie

Deborah Marie knows what it is like to be overweight. She understands the frustration of losing weight, gaining it back again, how that makes a person feels and how that lowers self-esteem. Now she knows what it’s like to be thin. A former model, Deborah overcame her figure problems using the slimming secrets she learned from experts around the world dropping her from a size 16+ to a size two.

A while back, determined to find a weight loss program that worked for her, Deborah found an exclusive techniques that quickly took inches off her hips and thighs. The treatments were professional but she found them cold and clinical. Something was missing. And so she visited a Pennsylvania cellulite center. She discovered their program to be caring and warm with emotional support one needs to get through the highs and lows. “I felt there were other women like me who though there were no solutions to their figure problems,” she states. “That’s when I decided to combine the professionalism with warmth and caring to create a salon where women could slim down and get pampered all at the same time.” 


Caiti has been working with Thinsofast for three years. She has been carefully trained under the guidance of Deborah, and enjoys learning from her each day. One of the things Caiti enjoys most about working here is the fact that she can genuinely feel good about the work she does - knowing it actually works. Caiti says, "I think I would feel guilty working at any other weight loss spa knowing that the treatments were not going to be permanent, and have very temporary results. Other spas work off water weight that will quickly come back after a short period of time. We go much deeper than that. I enjoy it here because our treatments actually target the underlying causes of weight gain and we help each individual based on their body. No one is the same so why should you be comfortable going to get a generic treatment done that has been done on everyone else? We customize everything from the treatment, to what we recommend for the individual when they leave the spa." We help the individual see that not only can we help with existing fat, but we are also here to educate and help motivate the person's lifestyle that will have a life long benefit.