$79 Preview Special


Do you have bulges that never go away no matter how much exercise and diet you suffer through?

You can exercise on the stair master until you are blue in the face and you can starve yourself on the latest low carbohydrate diet but you still won’t get rid of your trouble spots.

Or you could risk getting surgery and we both know the dangers and where that can lead. Surgery risk include infection, shock, friction burns to skin and nerves, perforations

of vital organs and life-threatening blood clots. About 1 in 5000 patients die, according to a 2016 study in the journal, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Patients might also experience pain, bleeding, and temporary numbness.

In a remarkable turn of events, arguably one of the greatest advancements in body slimming

has become a phenomenon that is turning people away from the knife of a plastic surgeon and turning them to the healing touch only found at ThinSoFast Day Spa

Rather than putting patients under sticking tubes in them and sucking out fat, this new technique penetrates fat cells with ultrasound

technology and other scientifically proven modalities One treatment will reduce your belly circumference, thigh circumference and buttocks size.

Sound to good to be true? That’s why I would like to make you a special offer. I am offering you our European Slimming Get-Acquainted Special

for only Seventy Nine Dollars (A $190 Value) because we want this offer to be totally irresistible and so exciting that it would be very difficult to say no.

Here’s what your visit will include:

• Consultation with Ms. McCamie, owner and creator of the European Slimming Spa

• Bio-Bath Sauna and Mineral Salts body slough

• Back Massage performed with Essential Oil therapy to relax and rejuvenate your body, your soul and your mind.

• Lymph drainage massage to create an opening to expel fluids and to allow waste and toxins to leave your body.

• Cosmetic Laser therapy to infuse fat reducing serums into the dormant fat cells that will liquidify figure altering pockets of fat like the ones on your stomach, back and thighs

• Gem stone treatment drains this liquefied fat and electronically stimulates lymph nodes to carry the fat to be disposed from your body.

• Slimming Massage is next to

remove any excess waste left

behind and to revitalized yourbody.

• Hormonal Rebalancing with the Chromeatherapy to stop hot flashes and PMS

• Nutritional Guidelines

• Recommendations

And if you act  today, we will give you absolutely free because you deserve it:

AnElectronic Exercise Treatment to burn fat, in fact, you will get the benefit of 2300 Sit ups in a 45-minute treatment.

It’s important to call

ThinSoFast Day Spa right now because this is a limited time offer. So pick up your phone now, Call 321.946.5388, ask for Sasha, make your reservation and come in and experience our Advanced LipoSculpture slimming Procedures and treatments to eliminate all your excess inches and excess fat from your stomach and your body





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